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Building a WAC-system on a warrior for 10EUR

Original Warrior system:

Psycho's WAC system:

We can see that there are some differences but not a lot :-)
it misses:
  • the 2 V-line
  • the 2 WAC-line
  • the Knot-line

    To build it we need some pre-stretched lines with resistance above 200kg.

    For the knot-line we use a 30cm line with knots every 5cm for setups (default setup: 20cm).
    For WAC-lines, we use same lines than the Psycho:
    Psycho WAC-Line
    6.5 mē 13,5 cm
    9.5 mē 16,5 cm
    12.5 mē 18,5 cm
    15.5 mē 20,5 cm

    For the V-line, we measure the length between E and F in power position and we substract 20cm from the knot-line.

    We now have all the lines, we just have to build the WAC: We must separate the 3 A-B bridles from the 2 C bridles like on this picture:

    Then we rebuild the bridles like on the Psycho's WAC system !

    The knot-line allow tu us to adjust the setup and the wing properties:
  • Decreasing the length increase wing reactivity and the wing turn more easily.
  • Increasing the length increase the stability in gusty winds.

    The builder must try different setups to find is best setup for his best feeling !

    I advice on the bar:
  • To eliminate the pressureless system on the bar to change it like a normal depower bar.
  • To add a trimmer like on inflatables kites to increase the depower in high winds.

    If you have any questions, contact me by mail at :